Public Portfolio Update January 2021

2020 had been a good year for the most of us. In a black swan event, it was a great opportunity to scale my portfolio. I believe many of us took that opportunity too. But what’s important right now, is to enter this year with reasonable expectations. If you’re going to expect the same amount of growth this year, keep on dreaming.

Things to look out for in 2021

  • Market correction: The markets are at all time highs, Big Money are moving their cash out of the stock market and Biden just took over office. If some catalysts take place, there WILL be some sort of correction in 2021. Having said that, you could choose to either hedge against the correction or you could choose to prepare for it. You can profit from it similar to how we did it in 2020 Market Crash.
  • More US Climate Change policies and efforts: As Biden was taking over office, he emphasised that US was facing a climate emergency. He has a plan for climate change that will put the US on a path to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, involving a 2 trillion dollar investment into the clean energy space.
  • Borders ‘reopen’ play: Could 2021 be the year when the world starts re-opening their borders? Maybe. If that happens, you could see a shift in market trends when Big Money start moving their funds back into tourism, travel and retail sectors etc.

I’ll cover more plays for 2021 in the next few posts.

Portfolio Growth

January Update of High Growth Stock Portfolio
January Public Portfolio from

I’m trying to hold my cash and will not be adding heavily for now. But if you haven’t noticed already, I did make new positions and added on some others.


My biggest position in my portfolio. It had been on a tear in 2020 and will only continue to do so in 2021. More catalysts coming. I contemplated on adding more but I have been doing research on other high growth companies. Hence, I will not be adding anytime soon. Very satisfied with my position in this company.


The surge in the stock price has been crazy for the past few months. The company has been raising cash like crazy with all the HUGE direct offerings. Something is definitely brewing and it’s going to be good. Hint: AI, Smart Skins, robots that can take over the world?


Added more into Palantir. My conviction for this company is not as much when compared to my other positions in my portfolio. But I have to admit that there is a lot of hype when this company is brought up. I generally aim for high growth stocks and Palantir has a huge price growth potential from the hype. If the stock doesn’t live up to the hype, worst case scenario is it being a decent growth stock. It’s all about the risk-to-reward ratio for me.


The company had a risk of being delisted off the market. The stock price had to maintain above $1 closing bid price for 10 consecutive days. If this happens, the stock regains compliance and will be granted another 180-day grace period. When I found about this, I saw it as a potential catalyst for a trade. But as I did more DD on it, I realised that the company had other potential catalysts coming. With new technology in the healthcare sector and currently waiting on FDA news, I couldn’t resist DCA-ing the past month.

[BFT] & [PSTH]

My small positions in these 2 SPACs have been already profitable and will only continue to be. BFT has already announced that it will merge with Paysafe. The stock price will only continue to rise until the yet-to-be-announced merger date. I will be holding it until near-merger date and then re-assess the growth potential again. PSTH has yet to announce any merger news. But it’s already hovering near the 30s and landing me with 12.74 % gain. A potential announcement will send this flying and I will not decide to sell till at least Q2 2021.


Have been holding 550 shares of this company for quite some time now. It finally made a move recently and I have to say that my conviction was in the right place. I haven’t covered why bought into this company yet but I plan to do so soon.


One of the positions in my portfolio that I will definitely be adding really soon. The CEO and CFO will be holding an investor webcast on 27 Jan 2021. The webcast will be covering the industry overview, market drivers, licensing opportunities and growth strategy for the company. I see this as a potential catalyst that can raise a lot of awareness towards the company. Not to mention, how this company’s business aligns really well with the world’s climate change efforts.


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