The Great Reset in the Stock Market

I consider myself as a retail investor and I enjoy doing research on the stock market. 

And as of now, there is a downtrend in the market. Sure, anxiety is building but I try to stay calm by concentrating on doing research. I aim to build a high growth portfolio so I do a lot of research on riskier and more non-popular stocks.

And the companies on my radar right now would be – 

  • Very Good Food Company Inc (VRYYF)​

A growing company that directly competes with Beyond Meat in the vegan food sector. I believe there is a lot of potential in this sector. It’s ever-growing and VRYYF has a very opportunity to build market share. I noticed this company when it was in the $1.5/share range but could not purchase in as Saxo didn’t offer it.

  • Nano Dimension (NNDM)

A really small company that is pretty interesting. It basically 3D-prints electronics. ARK have been adding positions heavily recently. There’s still a lot of scaling ability that this company has to prove but if it continues to be profitable or secures huge deals with BIG organisations, I can see huge growth in this company.

Potential Trades/Entries

  • Twitter (TWTR) -Down by 20% on 30/10/20. Huge upside potential. 
  • Apple (AAPL) – Hovering around $108/share. $100/share could be a good entry point.
  • Tesla (TSLA) – Dipped to $380/share. I will definitely add huge positions at $350/share.

(This article was originally posted on 31/10/2020)


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