Halloween 2020 Public Portfolio Update

The stocks that I own

  • Tesla Inc (TSLA) – 54 shares at average cost of $188/share
  • Square Inc (SQ) – 28 shares at average cost of $92/share
  • NIO Limited (NIO) – 75 shares at average cost of $11/share
  • The Boeing Company (BA) – 8 shares at average cost of $183/share
  • Lemonade Inc (LMND) – 18 shares at average cost of $72/share
  • Intel Corporation (INTL) – 16 shares at average cost of $48/share
  • ​DocuSign Inc – 6 shares at average cost of $215/share

Most of these are long-term holds but some of these are trades. I have plans to add positions on a few of them on market dips like TSLA, LMND, INTL etc.
So far, from all my trades and holds, my portfolio is at 93.78% growth and I’m just grateful.

(This article was originally posted on 31/10/2020)


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